While local festivals like 'Plate Lunch-A-Palooza' and the 'Acadiana Po-Boy Festival' have been canceled due to the pandemic, that isn't stopping Social Entertainment from providing a delicious opportunity for Acadiana to support local businesses while also supporting a good cause.

The 'Acadiana Po-Boy Festival - The Pandemic Edition' is a two part festival that kicks off September 1st and runs though September 30th.

The first part of the festival is a Po-Boy tasting that includes 10 local restaurants. Those 10 participating restaurants will each sell their signature Po-Boy for the month of September and for every Po-Boy sold, $1 will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana!

You can try ALL of the signature Po-Boys by visiting the following 10 local restaurants:

  • Poupart's Bakery
  • C'est Bon Manger
  • Acadian Suprette
  • Central Pizza & Bar
  • Pop's Poboys
  • Dean-O's Pizza
  • Broaddus Burger
  • Tchoup's Midcity Smokehouse
  • Black Cafe
  • Johnson's Boucaniere

The second part of the 'Acadiana Po-Boy Festival - The Pandemic Edition' is an online fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana. You can donate any amount that you would like and be entered for a chance to win the Official 2020 Acadiana Po-Boy Festival painting, made by Trent Oubre! Find the link to make donations HERE.

Social Entertainment continues to produce entertaining events for the Acadiana area, even dropping a special announcement recently that they will be merging their Po-Boy and Plate Lunch festivals into one GIANT food event. Starting next year, Social Entertainment will present the 'Acadiana Po-Boy & Plate Lunch Festival' which is scheduled to take place April 3rd, 2021 in Downtown Lafayette.

As we all navigate through a pandemic world, Social Entertainment has gone to new heights to bring good food and good fun to the amazing people in Acadiana, all while benefitting a great cause in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana.

Get out and support one, or all, of the 10 local restaurants and try their signature Po-Boy throughout the month of September to help satisfy those cravings and benefit a good cause!



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