Well, this is one reason not tick off a female. Especially a crazy sorority girl that can't get something that she wants. This is how the story goes:

An Alabama frat guy was supposed to hook up with a sorority girl. In typical Alabama frat fashion, the guy lead the girl to believe they were going to hook up, only that didn't happen. He then fell in love with another girl that night. Obviously, making the original hook-up upset.  So upset, she did something that you'll never believe. She got revenge.

She pooped on his bed!!! I really didn't want to put the poop pictures on this post, so I'll leave it up to you. Check out Total Frat Move by clicking on the link, but beware there are actually pictures of real-life poop on the bed. Human poop!!! That's one way to get revenge. The nasty way.

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