South Louisiana has gotten into an interesting springtime weather pattern here of late. The past several weeks have seen a weather pattern that goes like this. We start the week with warm and mild conditions. We have a chance of storms and severe weather during the middle of the week. By the weekend the storms have moved out and we have experienced a couple of nice days.

That certainly appears to be the way the weather is shaping up again this week. Yesterday was a gorgeous day in South Louisiana. Today we will see an increase in clouds across the region. By tomorrow there will be a marginal risk of severe storms across the southern half of the state while the northern half will have a slight risk of severe storms. At least according to the Storm Prediction Center.

The National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles is suggesting in their forecast that our better chances of rain and storms will actually occur during the late evening hours of Wednesday night and the early morning hours of Thursday.

So we might have to be on our toes while we are laying down to sleep on Wednesday night. But as of now, this looks to be more of a weather maker for the states of Arkansas and Mississippi than it does for Louisiana.

Courtesy KATC/Rob Perillo

The GRAF Model depicted above courtesy of Rob Perillo at KATC presents an interesting image of how forecasters believe the evening Wednesday will unfold. As you can see in the image, the front will still be pushing through Central Louisiana by the time most of us are in bed on Wednesday night.

One other caveat we need to throw out to you. The part about the storms moving out and leaving behind a beautiful weekend might not materialize this weekend. Another round of storms is forecast to move into the area by Friday. That threat of rain will likely be around for at least part of the day on Saturday.

One thing is for sure, the springtime showers will soon give way to summer heat and that will mean a need to cool off. Here are some of our suggestions.

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