If you were an LSU fan at the St. Patrick's Day parade, you were definitely in for a treat.

The Southern Band is known as 'The Human Jukebox' and over the weekend attendees of the 'Wearin' Of The Green' St. Patrick's Day parade were blessed with their incredible talents. They marched through the streets in perfect step performing classics like 'Do Whatcha Wanna' and 'Torture' but those weren't the songs that got the biggest reaction.

According to Twitter user Marvin Price, there was a special request from some of the LSU fans in the massive St. Patrick's Day crowd. (WARNING: VIDEO IS VERY NSFW)

If you're a fan of the LSU Tigers, you're all too familiar with the NSFW in-stadium tradition behind 'NECK.' If not, just check this out.

Some may argue that the traditional LSU chant associated with the Cameo classic is too NSFW for their liking, but it seems like the mob always seems to rule this situation anytime this song is played within 100 miles of Baton Rouge.

The LSU band has limited their performance of 'NECK' in Tiger Stadium to the point where it may as well be eliminated from the playlist, but clearly, the tradition still lives on.

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