Crowd Cow is a startup that allows you to purchase parts of a cow before it's even butchered. Once all shares in the cow have been purchased, it's butchered and the meat is sent to you.

Crowd Cow operates with three things in mind. Convenience, Quality, and Taste.

Convenience: Crowd Cow lets you buy the exact cuts and quantity you want direct from a farm with the ease of ordering online, delivered straight to your door.

Quality: We are committed to discovering the very best local farms and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing healthy, high-quality, sustainable meat.

Taste: We believe that beef should be enjoyed like wine, with an appreciation for the varieties and a deeper knowledge of the source of the food you consume.

The shares in the cows range from $9 and all the way up to $45, depending on the cut of meat you choose.

Once the cows are butchered, and ready to be sent to you, they arrive in packages such as these:

And then you cook it up, and it looks something like this!

They've teamed up with a great cattle company too.

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