A Kansas man, William Marotta, who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple years ago has been told he must now pay child support for the child he helped father. Yes, the state of Kansas says Marotta is legally responsible for the child's well-being being that he and the lesbian couple did not go through the proper process, via a doctor.

Marotta says that he and the couple have an agreement, which both parties signed, stating that he would would not be financially responsible for the child. The child is now three years old.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families said any agreement would not apply because a physician did not perform the insemination, which Marotta said was news to him.

However, the lesbian couple has since split and the mom of the child had to quit working due to an illness. Having no income, she applied for welfare for she and the child, but the state requires that she, the mom, attempt to get child support from the father of the child prior to seeking state assistance.

We ask, just because he donated the sperm to this couple, should he be held legally responsible for the this three-year-old's well being? The state says had he gone through a doctor for this procedure, he would be waived of all responsibilities.


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