A Lafayette man is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the return of his stolen car.

According to the post, this automobile was stolen from a gas station in Duson.

Friday Oleske posted photos of his 2001 Audi TT that was stolen from Lucky Deuces Truck Stop Casino on Highway 95 at its intersection with I-10.

Photos courtesy of Friday Oleske

The car is described as a black 2-door coupe, "blacked out", with tinted windows and 18" wheels with red pinstriping and a temporary tag.

Photos courtesy of Friday Oleske

The suspects are described as 2 white males, with one looking like he had been in an altercation of some sort, with a black eye, busted ear, and scratches on his face.

Photos courtesy of Friday Oleske

If you recognize the man in these pictures, please call the Duson Police Department at 337-873-6736.

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