I know everyone is looking for a job in today's economy, but this might be pushing the envelope a bit.  Emperors Gentlemen’s Club in Riviera Beach, Florida said they posted the advertisement as a joke, but I'm not really seeing the punch line.As far as I know in all 'Gentlemen's' clubs any employee that is hired must be at least 18 years of age to legally work inside the business.  This entertainment club might have a weird sense of humor, but after their Tampa location got sued for hiring a 16-year-old to be a nude dancer, I'm really surprised they decided to pull this one.  According to the Dailymail,  the teen not only danced in the club, but was also

reportedly featured in advertisements for the strip club and videotaped at work."

I know most high school students are under 18 years of age, but this doesn't mean that they all are.  Now I'm no lawyer, but even if the teen is hired at the legal age, doesn't the fact that they are in HIGH SCHOOL pose an issue?  Hmmm.....I've got an itchy feeling about this(No pun intended)!

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