If you're a Danish high school student, you have a lot to look forward to like graduation, senior trip, and just maybe a little porno flick in front of your parents.  O.k., maybe your only looking forward to a few things, you wouldn't want to watch a romantic movie in front of your family right?

While the 450 graduates at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium in Denmark were sitting down with their parents to watch a short film of their senior class, a couple of pranksters decided to pull a fast one!  If your graduation was anything like mine, you probably had to sit down in a hot gym with the rest of your classmates for about 2 hours watching a slide show of you and your friends growing up through the years.  How would you like to have your slide show interrupted by a sex scene though?  Probably not, but that is exactly what happened to this senior class.....I know, poor things!

The graphic footage was shot with a hidden camera by pranksters, who then inserted it into the ceremony video." Via MSN

The pranksters did get caught, but I sort of wish they didn't because if they would have gotten away with it.......talk about the best high school joke ever.  I never did this one in high school, but high school pranks were always fun.

What school pranks did you pull? Did you get caught? Let us know below!