Imagine, you're on a beach vacation with your dearly beloved. You and your mate decide to get in a little beach time wearing your matching swimsuits but for some unknown reason, you are suddenly propositioned by several strangers, including couples, for intimate activity.

That was exactly the case for Tik Tok user @linjeanw. She posted on her Tik Tok account an "adventure" that she and her husband recently experience while on such a vacation.

Basically what happened was this. Linda, the wife, decided it would be cute for her and her hubby to wear matching swimsuits. Since they were going to the beach, she opted for a design that would feature something tropical. What could be more tropical than a pineapple, right?

Well shortly after appearing on the beach in their matching pineapple-themed swimsuits the couple noticed they were getting a lot of unwarranted attention. This attention went beyond the normal pleasantries you might exchange with another couple on the beach. Linda, the wife, even noted that many of those who were offering their attention seemed to be a "little extra nice".

So, what gives?

Well, unless you are involved in the world of swinging you probably wouldn't know that the pineapple is a "secret signal" to others that you too are involved in the lifestyle. Linda and her husband are not into swinging, but apparently, the pineapple design of their swimsuits suggested that perhaps they were.

According to online resources the pineapple and how it is displayed actually determine the kind of activity a person or couple is searching for. One site we checked even suggested that if you encounter someone in a grocery store or at a produce stand that has a pineapple upside down in their cart that they are looking for a "swingers party".

Now, obviously not every pineapple is a request for intimate relations with strangers. Sometimes, they're just used to make tropical drinks good and pizza bad. But if you wanted to know more, we do have that for you right here.

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