This brings a whole new meaning to "Taco Tuesday!"

Knock, Knock. Who's There? - It's the Taco Bell man!

Imagine sitting in your dorm room or in your home, it's 2 am, you're hungry and maybe a little tipsy! What's the first craving that comes to you at that time of the morning? Taco Bell of course.

According to Huffington Post, Taco Bell might be taking fast food to the most convenient level ever, and that's bringing it to your front door. YAAAASSSSS!

Taco Bell already has catering in Houston, TX only which is doing well, especially during the football season. Who wouldn't go to a football party that was catered by Taco Bell? All the nachos and tacos you can eat.

According to National Restaurant News, Taco Bell has not come up with a complete system yet but they are working on it. I can't wait.

Question: Would you order Taco Bell delivery to your front door? What fast food restaurant would you want delivered?

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