Husband Inadvertently Turns Wife Into 60-Year-Old Girl Meme
If you're as big a fan of memes as I am, you're gonna agree that the 60-year-old-girl meme that hit the web earlier this week is definitely one of the better ones in recent memory. It all started when a Reddit user uploaded a photo (above) of his wife as a child with the observation that s…
Guy Hits On Girl, Starts #StarbucksDrakeHands Movement
A guy hits on girl in line at Starbucks. After numerous desperate attempts, girl reluctantly gives guy phone number. Later that day, guy sends video to girl in an MMS message. Girl shows friend said video. Friend posts video to his Instagram page. #StarbucksDrakeHands movement is officially born.
9 Hilarious Jay Z Pool Dive Memes
Jay Z and Beyonce might be two of the coolest celebrities in the world, and the fact that they're married just makes it totally unfair. Their notch on the totem pole of awesomeness as a power couple is so unfathomable that Hov jumping into a pool sparked what may become one of the biggest meme …

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