A guy hits on girl in line at Starbucks. After numerous desperate attempts, girl reluctantly gives guy phone number. Later that day, guy sends video to girl in an MMS message. Girl shows friend said video. Friend posts video to his Instagram page. #StarbucksDrakeHands movement is officially born.

The video above shows the smooth talking Starbucks Romeo staring deeply into the camera at his new coffee shop pickup, as if he is visually seducing her to the soundtrack of Drake's smash hit 'Hold On, We're Going Home.' At one point, he breaks his Zoolander stare, cracking a huge smile and playfully covers his eyes in the most pathetic reach at prefabricated "cuteness."

After the girl's friend, djbroc, posted the video to his Instagram page, people started posting their own remakes using the hashtag #starbucksdrakehands, and just like that, a new internet sensation had begun.

It wasn't long until KIDS even got in on the action.

Once kids got in the mix, you knew it wouldn't be long until animals joined in all the fun.

According to numerous people on the internet who claimed to have gone to school with him, the guy who sent the original eye-wiping narcissistic masterpiece is supposedly Brody Ryan from Santa Monica California. If it is indeed Ryan, he may not even be aware that he has inadvertently kickstarted one of the funniest internet memes in quite some time.

At this point, the only way for this to end is if Drake himself made his own version of the #starbucksdrakehands meme in an actual Starbucks. Until then, we will enjoy the 600+ videos and counting as people continue to upload their own versions to Instagram.

Remember kids, never pull out the #starbucksdrakehands on the first text, or you too could become the butt of a huge internet joke.

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