Dads Find Out What It’s Like To Experience Labor Pains [VIDEO]
Ladies, your wish has finally come true. You've always wanted your man to see what it's like to be in labor or in any kind of female pains. Well, that day has come . A labor simulator was connected to these dads who where curious to see what labor was all about. You know as men, we always think you'…
The 50 Biggest Mistakes That Dudes Make While Getting Dressed
The biggest problem that we make as men, is that more times than not, we REALLY think we've got it going on. Not so much. Now believe me, there is a huge percentage of guys out there who couldn't really care less what anyone thinks when it comes to how they look. As men, we should definitely give a …
Cop Has Sex In Squad Car While Other Cops Listen
Wouldn't you say that this is taking PDA to another level?  Officer Dion Anthony was caught red-handed getting busy in the back seat of his car, but forgot to turn off the vehicle microphone.  That being said, around 30 of his co-workers heard first hand on what was going on.
Ohh No It’s Almost Bikini Season [VIDEO]
Ohh no the season is almost here ladies!! That means the tanning beds are cranking up and the last minute work outs are getting under way.  Did I mention the crash dieting to fit into that 'Special Swimsuit?'  Bikini season is the one time of the year where the guys enjoy and SOM…
The Sexist Jeans [PHOTO]
I understand the company wanted to get a laugh out of most guys, but it seems they pissed off a couple of people instead of hitting the funny bone!  Madhouse has some clothing that is REALLY taking the 'Heat' for putting some sexiest comments on the wash tags.

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