With all of these dating sites out on the internet now, cheating among spouses has been higher than ever.  I guess this is the reason for the 'Anti-Cheating Ring' in marriages now days(I haven't seen this in Acadiana yet though).  Don't worry, no one is putting a tattoo on your fingers, but they might as well because it is pretty close.Take note ladies and gentlemen, slipping off you wedding ring in a bar might not work as well now.  Most rings have inspiring words on the outside, but if you want to keep you husband or wife faithful....you should really get them on the inside.


The blogosphere is buzzing over a new ring that promises to keep spouses faithful by imprinting the words, "I'm married" into the wearer's finger. The declaration is carved into the inside of the band." Via nydailynews

If your worried that this will raise the price on wedding rings, don't worry they are only $550 on TheCheeky.com

But will this simple ring really stop cheating?  As far as I know, people have their own minds and a ring won't stop anything.  You can call me a little bit sketchy, but if a couple is considering buying these rings in the hope of it stopping their spouse from cheating.... they probably shouldn't get married.

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