How To Stay Warm In A Cold Office
Chances are somebody is going to be upset that the temperature is not quite right for them. The battle lines are usually drawn along gender lines. The men are always too hot and the women are always too cold.
Strip Club Looking To Hire High School Students
I know everyone is looking for a job in today's economy, but this might be pushing the envelope a bit.  Emperors Gentlemen’s Club in Riviera Beach, Florida said they posted the advertisement as a joke, but I'm not really seeing the punch line.
Can Wasting Time Online Improve Employee Productivity?
In a study that anyone who works in an office will heartily embrace, researchers found that spending small parts of the day wasting time on the Internet makes workers more productive because it acts to mentally refresh them.
“Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function,&Close…
You Work Less Than 4 Hours A Day While On ‘The Clock’
For quite sometime, we have heard that Americans are lazy, and aren't hard workers. Well, we may now have proof that we, Americans, are not as productive while on the job as we should be. According to the 2010 American Time Use Survey, says that Americans are working less and relaxing more.
Embarrassing Valentine’s Day Gifts At Work
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, most guys are planning what to get their significant other. While it is always a really good idea to send your lover flowers or chocolates to their work place, there are some items you should NOT send to them while on the job.

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