This was great.

Sports talk show host Rich Eisen reported yesterday on his nationally syndicated radio show that he heard rumors at the NFL combine that Tom Brady may not be done.

Apparently, some who attended the NFL combine in Indianapolis were saying that Brady could unretire and come back to play in the NFL.

Specifically, the rumor is or was that Brady could return to play for the Miami Dolphins.

Well, Tom Brady must have heard the report and he had this hilarious response to Rich Eisen's report from the NFL combine.

If you aren't aware, Brady recently announced that he adopted/rescued two kittens for his daughter and many immediately said this was a sure sign that he was done with football.

Brady and his kids are very active with the Humane Society of Tampa and have volunteered several hours at the facility.

So, is he or is he not returning to the NFL? Well, let's all sick back wait and see, but I am not counting on it.


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