Anyone remember the song 'Stacy's Mom' by Fountains of Wayne? This story is kind of like that.

Anthony Pinnisi, just a normal teenager in Virginia, jokingly asked his friend Chloe if he could take her hot mom to prom. Chloe said, joking back, yes, if he got 500,000 retweets. Pinnisi answered back with "challenge accepted!"

Below is the actual conversation that took place according to Daily Mail:

Daily Mail

This supposed joke re-tweet turned into over 80,000 re-tweets in less than 24 hours. The teenagers caught wind of the tweets and forced Pinnisi to take down the tweets. The school wasn't the only one disapproving of his twitter campaign. A lot of people called him out, some even called him a perv.


No word on what the mom had to say. We don't even know if the mom even knows about this at all. But her daughter wasn't too thrilled.

All twitter accounts have been terminated/blocked since the incident.

Full story and pictures are up on Daily Mails web site. To see CLICK HERE!

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