A video that was submitted to Yahoo News shows test driver Ken Gushi coming a tad bit too close to a wild deer while he was making a "test run" for the forthcoming Toyota Scion FR-S in northern California. In the video a wild deer runs across the road just as Gushi is doing the test run, yet the deer leaps at just the right moment to avoid disaster for both."On my very first run of the day today we were up in the canyons driving and I come across this left hand turn over a crest and down onto a straight," Gushi says in the video.



"I'm trying to mind my own business driving and trying to navigate these unknown roads when all of a sudden I see this black figure just prancing toward the road.  At that moment, I just knew, 'Oh, s--- something's wrong.'"

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, deer are involved in  or responsible for around 1 million automobile accidents and claim up to 200 American lives each year. Luckily in this case, neither the deer or the driver were injured. An amazing stroke of luck!!!