No one told him it was La-FEE-et not Lah-FAY-et...

I do have to give Andrew Zimmern and Travel Channel props for featuring Acadiana in Delicious Destinations, but if you're going to give "Cajun Country" a shout out you should probably get the names right. 

Oh, and you can check out the flub about 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode.

After the Lafayette fail I was surprised that he said boudin right and spent the 30 minute show talking about classic Cajun foods with proper representation to Breaux Bridge and Rayne, Louisiana. I mean, yes, he did keep saying "South (and sometimes Southwest) Louisiana" when, clearly, he was talking specifically about Acadiana, but I can't hate a dude for trying. 

Am I beyond pumped that Acadiana got recognition for the delicious foods we dish out? Of course! Do I wish someone from Acadiana was in on the editing/filming process of this Delicious Destinations episode? Uhhh, yeah. Acadiana was definitely represented, but there are a few things that could have been represented a little better. Just saying.

If you want to check out the full episode and all of Acadiana's Delicious Destinations glory, watch it here on the Travel Channel website.

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