We are a state that loves to cheer on our citizens, whether it's in sports, TV, or in music. We love that Louisiana is always being represented in the national spotlight. And now fans of "The Bachelorette" TV show on ABC can possibly have two Louisiana men to be on the lookout for.

According to a Facebook post yesterday from the official account of the wildly popular TV show, two men from the Bayou State could be featured on the upcoming incarnation of the show. According to NOLA.com even though season 17 is still airing, show officials gave a sneak peek of season 18, which will feature Michelle Young. The show will premier on Tuesday, October 19. Michelle Young was also on the season of "The Bachelor" that starred Matt James, which ended on March 15th this year. James, you might remember, was briefly on the practice squad for our New Orleans Saints.

NOLA.com says that the two Louisiana men that are included in the 35 potential contestants in the the sneak peek from the show are 29 year old Brandon Kieffer, and 28-year-old Chris Sutton. Kieffer is a Sulphur native who, according to Women's Health now lives in Texas and is a manager for the Skinny Pop brand. And Sutton says he was born and raised in New Orleans. heck out the social media updates below, and good luck to our Louisiana guys!


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