Animated GIFs are awesome. If you don't know what they are, go here. If you want the short description of what an animated GIF is, allow me to use one word. AWESOME. With that said, I have compiled the best animated GIFs from the MTV Tumblr page.

Just scroll down :)


Kreayshawn after her "beef" with Rick Ross.


Katy Perry does her best Green Bay Packer Lombardi Trophy impression.


Weezy F. Animal Print.


This is right after Bieber showed Gomez his "Johnson."


Ralph Macchio Andrew Dice Gaga.


Why is Bruno Mars stepping funny? I don't know, it just is.


Britney Spears was reealllllly stoked.


Tyler The Creator's mom. Excited for her son? Or the next contestant on the Price is Right? #ComeOnDown


Damn Yeezy & Hov.


In case you didn't hear, Beyonce is pregnant. Here is proof.


Best GIF of night award goes to....