Tyler, The Creator hates top five rapper debates and now, he's speaking on exactly why.

On Wednesday (June 7), a preview of Tyler, The Creator's guest appearance on the season two premiere of the Rap Radar podcast began to make its rounds across social media. In the upcoming episode, which airs on June 8, the Call Me If You Get Lost rapper went into heavy detail on why he absolutely despises hip-hop's commonplace practice of debating which rappers are the best at their craft.

Tyler, The Creator Is Annoyed by Top Rapper Lists

"You know what annoys me?" Tyler, The Creator tells Rap Radar hosts Elliott Wilson and B. Dot in the teaser clip below. "When people are like, 'This is my top five’ and people argue it. You got 17-year-olds like, 'Yeah, dude, f**king Ready to Die and Enter the Wu-Tang is my top ten albums ever.' Like, bro, you just got hair on your d**k."

The Igor MC continues: "It's performative, and again, some people might be right, but you got YoungBoys and Babys out here and that's your favorite album? I don’t care about people's objective top nothing. Tell me what is your favorite s**t because you learn so much from people. You get context. I want to know why you think Pookie Dookie’s second album is your favorite. 'Oh, I have memories attached to it ... My brother did this and that, and on track seven he talks about this... I found out I was going through it.' Like, I want to hear that."

Tyler, The Creator Expresses How He Feels About Fans Debating His Music

In conclusion, Tyler, The Creator turns the focus to his own fans who he says often debate his music.

"Dude, the kids be doing it with me," Tyler says. "They do a tier list of like 'A, B, C and D' of the albums they like of me and then ask people's thoughts. You’re asking people their thoughts on what you hold to your heart? What kind of stupid s**t is that? That’s why I f**king hate rap Twitter because everything's performative. Everyone is making these lists just to have people engage. Like, who gives a f**k who the top three is?"

Tyler, The Creator Clarifies His Statement Regarding Young Fans

As Tyler, The Creator's Rap Radar clip continued to spread around social media on Wednesday (June 7), some fans took the California native to task regarding what he said about the types of artists he thinks younger generations should gravitate to. After one Twitter user wrote that they have a problem with "the implication that all young people have an inability to engage or appreciate older music," Tyler cleared the air on what he actually meant.

"I think I either worded that specific point weird or you didn't understand what i was saying," Tyler, The Creator replied in the tweet below. "Some of my favorite stuff is before my time. It's when folks don't have a connection to an album but might feel obligated to include it on a list that I find so odd. But this is all me talking/pushing for more subjective topics and not what's 'good' or 'right.'"

Tyler, The Creator on Posthumous Music Releases

Top rapper debates aren't the only common practice in hip-hop culture that Tyler, The Creator isn't a fan of. Earlier this year, Tyler expressed deep disdain for posthumous music releases by declaring, "Do not continue anything in my name if I die. You got this on record."

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Watch Tyler, The Creator Speak on Why He Hates Top Five Rapper Debates Below

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