Yesterday, before the biggest NFL game of the year was played; before the commercials and the middle-finger halftime controversy, NBC aired a story during pre-game that told the tale of Steve Gleason. Gleason, to most Who Dats, is most famous for being "the guy who blocked that punt when the Dome opened after Katrina." Lately, Steve has been making headlines for a whole different reason.

One year ago while most Saints fans were baffled at the disappointing fact that the Saints lost to an underdog Seahawks team in the first round of the playoffs, Steve Gleason was in shock for a completely different reason. In January 2011, while studying at Tulane, Steve was diagnosed with ALS. To describe his journey since then as 'inspirational,' would be a mere understatement.

Many thanks to NBC for sharing Steve's story, and his journey with their viewers. I suggest you share this story too.

The Steve Gleason Story