Often when we have a dream, we ask, why did I just dream that or what was the meaning behind all of that? Well, now we may have a better understanding behind the meaning of some dreams. I personally have always asked, what is the meaning of a dream in which snakes are involved or the dream in which it feels like I am falling.

Below are some of the meanings behind the most common of all dreams.

Appearing naked in public: This indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and are afraid of being exposed. It also represents being caught off guard, suggesting there is something happening in your life that you are unprepared for.

Being chased:
Dreams of being chased simply suggest that you are avoiding an issue or trying to run away and hide from something that you don’t want to confront. The person or thing chasing you may also represent an aspect of your personality, such as feelings of jealousy, anger and hatred.

Falling: This could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control of something in your waking life. It can also represent a sense of failure or feeling inferior.

Flying: This is often a type of dream called a ‘lucid dream’, when a person knows they are dreaming. If you are enjoying flying, it can reflect that you are in control of a situation. Feeling fear when flying indicates that you are afraid of challenges or being successful.

Teeth falling out: Dreams in which your teeth start to wobble, crumble or fall out in your hands are related to self-esteem issues. Experts believe that this dream reflects your anxieties about your appearance or how others perceive you. Another theory  is that they show you are afraid of making a fool of yourself,  or of being embarrassed in some way.

Perhaps now as we look back upon some of our most common dreams, we should ask what was going on in our daily routine or live, that made us dream what we did. All in all, it appears that our daily routine, or whatever may be going on in our lives at the time, has a significant impact on our dreams.

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