We have all heard a story or two about the plantation that is nestled away in St. Francisville, but now The Myrtles Plantation is known for more than it's beautiful landscape and history, it is also known for the spirits that allegedly roam the property. The plantation, built in 1796 by General David Bradford, was reportedly built on a former Native American burial ground and when Whiskey Dave's workers discovered them, he ordered them burned.

Often, those who visit this plantation say that they are greeted by strange appearances and happenings, and many feel that the spirit still on the grounds in St. Fransville is that of a former slave. The most famous of ghosts who inhabit the Myrtles, however, is Chloe, a former slave who had a romance with Bradford's son-in-law. Scared of being banished from the home to the fields, the story goes, Chloe began eavesdropping on her lover's private conversations. Her lover and master caught her, drew a sword and cut off her ear. More desperate to show her worth to the family, she baked a poisoned birthday cake for one of the children, hoping to nurse the sick family members back to health. Instead, the wife and two of her children died.

According to various reports, there are several other ghosts roaming around the Myrtles. Guests are often greeted with slamming doors, shadows, and balls aimlessly rolling across the floor. While there are 11 guests rooms you can book, I think I'd pass on this invitation. However, the owner of the plantation insists that the ghosts are harmless and will not dare hurt any of the guests visiting the grounds.

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