For weeks, all we've been hearing about is how terrible the replacement officials were in the NFL. The real officials were back this week, so were the calls actually any better?

When the refs walked onto the field, they were greeted with cheers (probably for the first time), but those cheers soon turned to the familiar boos.

Perhaps it's just a security thing, but many people felt as though the games were going to run more smoothly with the normal referees back on the field, though you'd have to be blind not to see that even these "real" referees made some pretty bad calls on Sunday. Maybe the calls weren't on as grandly terrible a scale as the ending to the Packers-Seahawks game last Monday, but the referees certainly made mistakes.

Missed calls, bad calls—they're part of the game. Again, maybe it's just a security thing to have the real guys back out there, but did that make it any better?