We have all been there once or twice, you are in the bar, and as soon as a "bar anthem" comes on you are standing on a chair or on-stage signing away at the top of your lungs!!! Don't lie, you have done this before. Having nearly resided in bars and nightclubs for the past several years as a DJ, here are some of the most popular "bar anthems" I see that people love to sing along to. See if your favorite anthem has made the list here, and if you wish, yes you can sing along here too.

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    Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"

    Bars should have to play this song at least once a night by law. It’s another one of those songs that people go wild singing along to and I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to this. After a few drinks in NOLA, any bar that plays this is bound to get a great reaction to this one!!!

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    Otis' "Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay"

    While this may not be a club hopper, it certainly a "hit" in most gulf-coast bars or restaurants. Go to Gulf Shores or Destin, and this song is everywhere you go!! And chance are, after a cosmo or two, an older lady is swinging out to this one.

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    Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer"

    It’s been my experience that women will completely lose their crap when they’re plastered and hear this song come on. I’ve seen groups of young women, who for hours haven’t been able to stand properly without wavering like a flag during a Category-5 hurricane somehow stand together and lean on each other in a way that hold them upright for the four minutes it takes to sing along to Bon Jovi.

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    Notorious BIG's "Mo Money More Problems"

    After all these years, its still a CLASSIC!! Here is one classic in bars and clubs that will have grown men and women put their pride aside as they sing along to this one at the top of their lungs. This song should never be played before midnight if you want the best reactions to it!!!

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    AC/DC's "Shook Me All Night Long"

    By far, if you drop this song in a bar or club after 1am, someone will lose their you know what. From beginning to end, this track has always had the most faint sing their ______ off!!! What bar or nightclub does not still drop this classic hit record??? By far, the best reaction in bars or clubs comes to this AC/DC hit.