Crawfish season is in full swing in south Louisiana, and the folks at the LSU AgCenter are attempting to clear up a few myths about crawfish boils. WWL had a story about studies that were conducted on crawfish at the LSU AgCenter near Crowley. Much of the research that was conducted has busted some longtime myths about crawfish and crawfish boils.

I, like many of you, have always thought that if a crawfish comes out of the pot with a straight tail, it died prior to boiling it and that it was not good to eat it. Researchers now say that our assumption about the straight tail crawfish is WRONG!! Researchers say that that the crawfish with a straight tail may have just been in a bad position in the pot while it was being boiled, thus it could not curl its tail, and that it died while extending the tail. The idea of that particular crawfish being dead prior to being boiled is not accurate.

Researchers have also erased the idea that purging the crawfish prior to the boil with salt helps "clean" them. Ray McClain, with the LSU AgCenter, says the only way to truly purge your crawfish is to set them aside, for an entire day prior to the boil, without any food.

Washing your crawfish with water before you boil them will help clean the exterior of the shellfish, but it will not help in "purging" them.

For more on the research conducted on our favorite south Louisiana delicacy, click HERE.

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