When the Wanted decided to come to New York City this week to promote their self-titled EP, they did so in style and with a first class media blitz. Today (April 25), the boys performed ‘Glad You Came’ on ‘The View’ and it sounds as fresh as when we first heard it. This perf followed a morning visit to the ‘TODAY‘ show and debuting the ‘Chasing the Sun‘ video on April 24. The Wanted are wanted.

For ‘The View’ performance, the U.K. cuties showed that they are consummate multi-taskers and not just because they sing, dance and look incredibly cute while doing it. They actually hugged the screaming females in the crowd while performing. That’s a skill and a talent that few can cultivate, but the Wanted fully engage the adoring audience beyond touching them in passing or squeezing their hands. They embrace. Clearly, Tom Parker, Max George, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran heart their fans.

At the end of the song, Max brought a little girl on stage, who stared at him with saucer-sized eyes and mouth agape the entire time as he sang to her with his arm around her and then held her hand. Life = made right there. Nice going, Max. He even asked the crowd, “How cute is she?” A far cry from their ‘Punk’d’ kidnapping stunt, you don’t say!

They told host Elisabeth Hasselback that one of the key things their manager Scooter Braun and his “other” client Justin Bieber taught them is to try and be spontaneous. That’s when they broke into an impulsive version of ‘Afternoon Delight,’ which ‘Anchorman’ fans recall Ron Burgundy and co. singing in that hilarious film. It was adorbs when the Wanted did it, too!

Watch the Wanted on ‘The View’

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