A woman was filling up her car with fuel while a thief stole her wallet right out from under her nose—well, out of her car, actually.

Sara Weinstein was pumping gas in West L.A. when a man in a t-shirt and baseball hat snuck up along the side of her car and stole her wallet. What's worse, is he did this in the middle of the day with other people around!

You can see the man on surveillance footage getting into the car and digging around through the woman's purse. Then, just as slick as he entered, the man climbed out of the car and snuck off.

It didn't take Weinstein long to realize her wallet was gone.

As soon as I got back in the car I tried to put my credit card back in the wallet and it wasn't there

Luckily, the station manager had it all on tape, but Weinstein still couldn't believe what she was watching. A second man was seen, more than likely playing the lookout role, while a third person was manning the getaway vehicle.

$5,000 is being offered as a reward to anyone who can return Weinsteins property.

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