I have a Justin Bieber obsession, but after watching Anthony Vincent sing "Sorry" 20 different ways I might have to tell the Biebs that his fake boyfriend status has been replaced. I mean, having Anthony as a fake bf is kind of like having 20 different bf's, you can't beat that.

This dude might be the master of covers. His YouTube channel, 10 Second Songs, will blow your mind. He covers everything from JB to Katy Perry to Eminem, and he covers them all at least 20 different ways -- he covers Eminem's "Rap God" in 40 different styles.

Anthony cover's "Sorry" in the style of Nickelback, Ricky Martin, David Hasselhoff, and Village People, just to name a few. But, being a '90s chick my favorite 10 second performance was his Hanson-esque version of Bieber's apologetic jam.

Seriously, by the end of the video I was the one saying sorry. I don't even know what, it's just that good.

[via 10 Second Songs]