This is one of my worst fears, to get some kind of bug stuck in my ear!

Can you imagine being miles away from a hospital and you get some kind of tick or bug caught in your ear? The only way to get it out is a pair of tweezers and a couple of buzzed friends.

That happened to this poor guy. He's completely freaked out by a moth that has flown deep into his ear. He just wants it out. So, he gets one of his friends to take out the moth with a pair of tweezers. While digging in his ear they also found a blood thirsty tick!  My goodness!

They get the tick out, and move on to the moth. After a couple of tries they finally get the moth out, and it's huge. I felt so bad for this big guy, he really was going into panic mode and I can't blame him.

Have you ever gotten something caught in your ear before? Comment below!