Pie is great.

Wine is better.

But they're the best when you have them together.

-- poem by Me

Let's be real, Christmas dinner is delicious and presents are pretty cool too, but the thing I'm looking forward to most this holiday season is getting my fill of wine and pie. I mean, you can't go to an office party, family get together or festive dinner with friends without wine and pie.

Wine and pie are like the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Christmas, they are perfect for each other. And I know you don't want to be the one to break up Jay and Bey, so when you bring a delicious homemade (store bought) pie and classy bottle (box) of wine to your next holiday get together make sure they are paired correctly.

Yes, I said correctly. Who knew there was a right way to pair wine and pie? I say Riesling goes great with anything, but I'm also probably the only person who likes Riesling, so don't listen to me. Listen to WineFolly.com and their fabulous list of Pie and Wine Pairings Done Right.

For instance:

  • Apple Pie pairs perfectly with a Dry Marsala
  • Pecan Pie goes great with a Gamay
  • Pear-Cranberry Pie tastes lovely with a Moscato d'Asti
  • Cheesecake (not a pie, I know, but still delicious) pairs nicely with a Riesling Ice Wine
  • Sweet Potato Pie pairs well with an Alsatian-Style Pinot Gris

Or you can use the basic chick method for wine and pie pairings and grab any box of Franzia from the store and drink enough of it until everything tastes magical.

If you want more info on wine and pie pairings, or just wine in general, head over to the Wine Folly website: where all your wino dreams come true.

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