Today is National Unfriend Day. It seems like good timing with so much controversy between the coronavirus pandemic, the election, the economy, and so much more. Now more than ever, people are expressing their opinions on social media with hot topics. I remember when Facebook used to be just photos of family and friends filling us in on their latest life moments. Now, it has become a place to vent and share our opinions. That has many people frustrated. BUT, there is something you can do about it my friends. It’s simple. It’s called unfriend and unfollow.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Unfollow those that you continue to be friends with but don’t want to see their opinions plastered all over your news feed. Unfriend the ones that you never need to be in contact with in the social media world. Sometimes it can just be toxic. There are solid and very acceptable reasons to unfriend someone on social media. For example, your ex-BFF updates may just make you crazy and make you relive hurtful moments. Whatever the reason is, if it saves your sanity, then unfriend.

A few reasons people unfriend are:

You don’t know who they are.

They broke your heart.

Annoying status updates.

You don’t like them.

Obnoxious photos.

Clashing views regarding religion or politics.

They are a political fanatic.

They try to convert you and your opinion.

They are self-absorbed.

You’ve only met once.

They are a constant complainer.

They are a stalker.

Inappropriate status updates and photos.

They constantly brag. Facebook Facebook

Yes, Facebook and other social media apps have become a great way to connect with others, it’s also something that can interfere with your well-being and sanity. We already have normal stress in our every day lives like parenting, our jobs, relationships, and finances. The last thing we need is for social media to add to our stress. Think of unfriending as a way to self-help mentally. It's healthy.


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