A New England Patriots fan by the name of Nick Lower arrived to Superbowl XLVI Media Day dressed as the Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady. Known for it's wacky questions by reporters the Media Day festivity attracts media from all around the world. However the event this year took a much further turn towards the wacky side when one fan arrived dressed like Tom Brady.While much of the attention was directed to the players from both teams participating in the bug game this Sunday, one particular fan had camera's and reporter's turning towards him.


Lower who is 26-years-old came fully dressed with a No. 12 jersey, actual NFL pants, cleats and some eye black stickers was enough to land some interviews and photos while the Pats fielded questions at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Lower told an NFL.com reporter that this was his Halloween costume last year, and that never imagined so much attention would be directed his way. He said, "I didn't really expect this," he said while wearing full pads and game pants. "I figured all the attention would be on the players, but I guess I get a glimpse of what Tom Brady deals with every day."

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