Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes.

An American tourist on vacation with his family bypassed the entrance to Mount Vesuvius, went on a forbidden path, tried to take a selfie near the volcano at the top, dropped his cell phone in the crater, and was injured after he fell in trying to get the phone.

Landmarks In the Historic Southern Italian City Of Naples
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According to DailyMail, Italian police had to rescue the 23-year-old tourist after local guides alerted them that the man fell into the crater of the volcano, which is near the city of Naples. The man and his family entered the park without a ticket, so the entire family is being charged with trespassing.

He fell inside the crater of the volcano, which is active but has not erupted in nearly 80 years. That's terrifying.

The man was indeed lucky. He walked away with major scrapes and cuts on his back, arms, and elbows. He refused to go to the hospital. It could have been so much worse.

I'm going to leave you with this: stop messing with nature. Weather, forces of pure nature, animals. All of it. Mother Nature does NOT play. Here's some more history on just how dangerous Mount Vesuvius is.

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