Twitter is a wild place. Sometimes it can be very dark and dangerous, but other times it produces absolute GOLD. 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' are dedicated to the gold that I find on Twitter throughout the week.

Let's begin with a pretty cool celebrity sighting @JeffMcDev

I've got a lot of questions about this photo but first of all, Adam Sandler is the best. If you don't like Adam Sandler flicks, you are simply a miserable person. Anyway, the shorts are outlandish. The whole get-up is pretty off-putting, but still, Sandler finds a way to rock it. Speaking of rocking it, nice new six-string ya got there, Sand-Man.

This next post is my favorite 'How it started - how it's going' so far @djsnake

We all know and love DJ Snake. If you can't tell by now, he's been at this DJ thing for a while now. The picture of him in some school gym is so typical for any DJ who is clawing for their first gigs. Little did that young French DJ know, he would be globally known not so long after that school dance gig.

Now, it's time for something a little more emotional @CoachBDAnderson

Farmers, man. Just great people. They put dedicate their lives to putting food on the world's tables. It's cool to see how important of a job it is to families like this one. Shoutout to this crew of farmers.

Here is the last one for the day and it's definitely a 'kids being kids' situation @SMARTW4TER

In the young child's defense, those drinks were a STRUGGLE to get the top off. And when ya need a cold one, well, ya need a cold one.

That's it for my 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' Vol. 8. Be sure to check in with me next Thursday for more Twitter Gold. Follow me on Twitter @SCARENCRO and be sure to mention me in any GOLD that you think deserves to be on a future volume.


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