Two people from Acadiana could be moved forward in the path to sainthood according to the Acadiana Advocate. They have reported that a postulator from the Vatican visited several areas of Acadiana this past weekend to gather evidence in the cases of Charlene Richard and Auguste "Nonco" Pelafigue.

Father Don Luis Escalante says the cases of both Richard and Pelafigue are likely to be presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in 2022. The next steps could be beatification and canonization. While in the Acadiana area, Escalante spent time speaking with the people who are working toward the process of canonization for each person.

Attending a catholic school for my primary education, I have always known about Charlene Richard, or "The Little Cajun Saint" as she is called. This is my first occasion to learn about "Nonco" Pelafigue. Both seem to have been amazing human beings.

Richard died on August 11, 1959, from leukemia. She is buried at St. Edward Catholic Church Cemetery in Richard, Louisiana. This 12-year-old little girl offered prayers for the souls of other people. She has become an intercessor for the many faithful in Acadiana. It is difficult to think of the pain this little girl must have suffered from during her leukemia, but yet she was faithful to offer redemptive suffering on behalf of others is extraordinary. Imagine that Escalante has said there are ten boxes with information about people who have prayed to Charlene for intercession.

While not as many, Father Escalante says there are cases to be reviewed in reference to intercession and/or miracles with Pelafigue. Interviews of people who knew the Arnaudville man were conducted. He was a teacher and lived a quiet, simple life. He was much like St. Francis of Assisi in his love, attention, and care of animals. According to Escalante, Pilafigue was born near Lourdes, France in 1888, but then his family moved to Arnaudville. He spent his life in prayer and care of other people. Escalante told the Advocate the following about Pilafigue,

Here, this servant of God grew and developed his vocation as a teacher and lay catechist. He was devout and led a life of poverty like a lay Franciscan, taking care of animals and spreading the devotion of the Sacred Heart.

Both of these individuals are truly amazing souls. To think of the life Pilafigue was so devoted to prayer, teaching, and the Lord, and the same for Charlene, it's an example of two truly beautiful people.

You can find more information about Pilafigue, you can click here. The site offers information about how to learn more about the foundation working for his sainthood. If you would like to more about the foundation for Charlene Richard, you can click here.

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