School Bus
School Bus, Getty Images

There have been two recent incidents where students on buses were involved in fighting.

A young woman and a young man were both arrested after officials say the two were involved in an altercation on the bus.

According to the incident report it is alleged that the 16-year-old female teenager pulled out a knife during the fight, but police say that no one was injured with the instrument.

The 16-year-old male teenager was arrested on charges of simple battery while the young woman is facing two charges.

The female teen was arrested for illegally carrying a weapon and aggravated assault.

This fight happened between two Acadiana High School students, and officials there say the two will be facing disciplinary action.

Over in St. Landry Parish, officials have reported that two students from an elementary school were involved in a fight on a bus.

According to St. Landry Parish School Superintendent Patrick Jenkins proper protocol was followed in reference to their fight between two students who attend Sunset Elementary.

Reports say that the family of at least one of the kids will be taking legal action.

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