In the case of missing 22-year-old Mickey Shunick, various media outlets are reporting that the private investigator hired by her family may have obtained new information in her whereabouts. The PI says he has credible information about two people who may be involved in the disappearance of Mickey Shunick.According to KPEL Radio, the PI says two people who don't know each other called him with "almost identical descriptions." "The calls were made days apart, and he believes something good will come out of this."



The investigator has declined to comment on the leads, but has turned over the information to police. Police have been searching for a white pickup truck they believe to have been in the same area the time Mickey went missing. We will continue to follow this story, and as soon as we receive any information from police we will pass it along to all of you here and On-Air.

The Shunick family and Police ask that if you have any information in the whereabouts of Mickey Shunick, please call the Lafayette Police Tip Line at (337) 291-8633 or the private investigator at (337) 235-0270.