A police officer's TikTok has recently gone viral after screen recordings of the since-deleted video have circulated on social media. In the video, the officer can be heard saying that she can go 90 mph on the freeway and that officers can "find a reason" to pull drivers over if they stay in front of them long enough.


Reports say that the officer featured in the above screenshot is a member of the Federal Way police force in Washington State. The officer, Breanna Straus, received a 10-hour suspension (one shift) after an investigation was conducted regarding a TikTok that was shared sometime this summer.

In the end, the department reportedly determined that Officer Straus had violated two areas of the social media and conduct policy. Per the reports, a Commander with the Federal Way Police Department noted that Officer Straus had no prior conduct violations and that no complaints had been filed against her.

While the TikTok was posted and deleted months ago, screen recordings of Officer Straus' post have begun circulating online. Straus' words have struck a chord with many on social media.


“If we’re driving on the freeway in our police car, get the f*** out of the way,” Officer Straus can be heard saying. “I can go 90 miles an hour, you can’t. You can’t do that. So get the f*** out of the way. If us officers stay behind you long enough, we can find a reason to pull you over.”

That sentiment is what drove many to social media to discuss the officer's words.

Video Resurfaces of Police Officer Saying that She Can Find a Reason to Pull You Over

See a screen recording of the TikTok that was deleted via @LPofDelaware below.

Posts on Twitter show that many online have directed their displeasure with the officer's words directly to the Federal Way Police Department.

As months go by and more online get their first look at the officer's video, more have expressed their outrage over the idea that officers can find a way to pull people over if they drive in front of them on the freeway.

As you can see above, many are still calling for Officer Straus to be fired.

Do you think her words in the video warrant her losing her job? Let us know in the comments.

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