Video circulating on social media shows a cow sprinting into the street out of nowhere and smashing into a man on a motor cycle. While it appears the man was not injured in the incident, the absurdity of the video has gotten many online talking.


Imagine taking a casual stroll down the street, minding your own business...

But then out of nowhere comes a full-sized cow in a sprint.


A motorist somehow had their camera ready to capture the runaway cow, but that isn't where things would end.

The cow runs straight into the path on an oncoming motorcyclist, sending him flying off of the bike.


See the video for yourself via @lesbeankoku on Twitter below.

Some on Twitter thought Chick-Fil-A may have been behind the stunt.

More reactions to the absurd video here.

Truly one of the more absurd videos I've seen on social media lately. Hopefully whoever's cow this is was able to wrangle it before any more damage was done.

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