We hate to see this.

Meteorologist Zack Fradella posted this video from the attic of a home in Thibodeaux, La. and you can see rain seeping through the roofing.

The home, which was damaged during Hurricane Ida, is reportedly covered with a blue tarp to protect the home from the elements, but with the amount of rainfall south Louisiana is already receiving, the tarps are not holding up.

Facebook via Zack Fradella
Facebook via Zack Fradella

The homeowner has placed plastic totes in theIR attic to catch the rainfall, but how long will that hold up?

Much of southeastern Louisiana is still recovering from Hurricane Ida, and now we are having to prepare for several inches of rainfall as Tropical Storm Nicholas sweeps across much of southern Louisiana.

We will continue to watch as storms sweep across the region and we'll provide you with the latest here and via our mobile app.

Please stay safe out and if you come across standing water on roadways, turn around.



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