Video on social media shows a woman sitting on top of a man's car while he drives away. The portion of the clip that has left everyone on social media shocked includes the woman's arm being trapped in the shut car door.

"I've never seen anything like this"

"wth be going on with humans"


Those were a couple of the reactions coming from folks who witnessed this shocking clip that certainly lacks context. The only clear thing coming out of this viral video is that the man and the woman involved were seemingly not getting along.

While the man attempts to drive away from the parking lot in his car, the woman is sitting on top of the vehicle and isn't showing any signs of getting off.


As the man goes to shut the car door and drive away, the woman sticks her forearm inside of the crack in the door.

But, this doesn't faze the man one bit as he then completely shuts the car door and starts to drive off.

Twitter via @COVERme_inLOVEx
Twitter via @COVERme_inLOVEx

The absurd video has gotten many on social media talking.

Man Closes Car Door on Woman's Arm as She Rides on Top

See the video on Twitter via @COVERme_inLOVEx below.

Reactions to the clip here.

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