A video has gone viral after a man kindly stopped his vehicle in order to rescue a newborn kitten. What the man didn't know is that shortly after getting a hold of the kitten, there was a whole family of newborn cats also looking for a home.

Twitter via @Scott217
Twitter via @Scott217

It all started with one cute little kitten meowing on the side of the road. One man found it in his heart to stop his vehicle and rescue the cat.

But this man had no clue what was in store for him next after meowing from the nearby bushes erupted.


It started with just a couple of kittens, but eventually there were roughly twelve baby cats flocking to the hero.

The man quickly realized that he had bitten off a bit more than he could chew with this attempted cat rescue. Nevertheless, he undertook the challenge and wrangled up all of the kittens.

Man's Attempt to Rescue Newborn Kitten Ends with Quite the Surprise

See the full video for yourself via @Scott217 on Twitter here.

Of course, many online were anxious to hear what happened to the kittens next.

The man gathered all of the kittens and loaded them up into his vehicle. He has continued to provide updates via instagram on the cats' status.

The children seem to be absolutely loving the little kitties.

Kudos to this animal lover for undertaking such a responsibility. Hopefully all of these cats have new loving homes very soon!

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