Over the past 3 to 4 weeks, people on social media have been reporting seeing weird orange orb-like things in the night sky over Lafayette. We got a picture of what people have reportedly been seeing.

This picture, submitted to us anonymously, shows four orange lights in the sky around the North Side of Lafayette near the airport.

Being that it's close to the airport could definitely explain the lights, whatever they are. However, these lights have been reported in other areas of Lafayette.

The most popular explanation as to what these lights are is that it's just swamp gas or marsh gas.

I'm not saying it's definitely aliens, but these lights look way more defined than what I would think a gas to look like.

If you have more pictures or videos, I would love to check them out, so please send them my way!

Have you seen anything like this?

Anonymously Submitted Photo

I edited this one a little so you can see the lights a little better.

Anonymously Submitted Photo