The concept of Black Friday is slowly evolving and adapting with each year that passes. In pre-pandemic life, people (even families) would wrap up Thanksgiving dinner early to stand in lines outside of their favorite stores just for a chance to nab the best in electronics for super low prices.

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Then the pandemic came, and most big box stores are now closed on major holidays now. Most retailers are doing the majority of their deals and steals online, with the exception of a few high price items available only in stores.

Walmart is changing the game by spreading out their Black Friday deals, a month early, announcing their Deals for Days this morning.

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According to USA Today, there will be three different events online and in stores. This model of sales was started last year and saw major success. The three events will all be in November and will start online before being applied to in-store purchases.

The first day of deals will start on November 3rd and will go until the 5th. The second day of deals will start on November 10th and will wrap up November 12th. The third day has yet to be announced.

Good news if you are a Walmart+ member: you will be allowed access to the online portion of each deal day 4 HOURS EARLIER than the scheduled time.

Other stores announcing their Black Friday Deals include Best Buy, Amazon and Target.

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As the years pass, it seems that Black Friday is becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are relying and looking forward to Cyber Monday in this technological age. I can't remember the last time I actually participated in Black Friday. I worked retail in those days, so I am all for the online easy way of holiday shopping.

When everything is just a click away from being purchased, and the easiness of purchases becoming so simple, I think Black Friday will only exist online in a few years time.

I will miss the in-store Black Friday fights caught on camera. Those are priceless.

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