The return home for Thanksgiving is always jam-packed with things to do and people to see. You have to divide your time wisely, between family and friends, and maybe even Black Friday shopping.

In recent years, an impromptu holiday has been formed to get one of those things on the "go home" to-do list checked off.

Drinksgiving, or more recently, Dranksgiving is celebrated at hometown bars everywhere the night before Thanksgiving.

You come into town, say hey to the family, and immediately hit up the old crew to grab drinks at your favorite watering hole.

Kaylin King
Kaylin King

According to The Daily Meal, the busiest day for bars across America is Thanksgiving Eve, aka Drinksgiving.

Bars across the country are offering countless drink specials, free concerts, and free swag to celebrate the day before you have to be on your best behavior.

Check out the increase in alcohol sales on Drinksgiving across the country...sheesh.

attachment-drinksgiving bars

The day before Thanksgiving involves alcohol...but so does the day after. That's right, Black Friday has now been taken over by Blackout Friday. It's just how it sounds...instead of shopping all day, you pretty much drink all day.

I encourage everyone to drink responsibly. I also encourage everyone to drink until their mother calls them to either come home or grab something she forgot for Thanksgiving dinner at Wal-Mart.

So, drink up, ya turkeys! Thanksgiving meals work wonders for hangovers. :)

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