So, the story goes (and since it's on Facebook, it's absolutely 100% true and accurate):

What did her husband see in this picture that he took, to end up in divorce?

According to Facebook user Anthony Clark the story goes like this:

"A husband left for vacation for 20 days. Upon returning he took this picture of his wife. After close examination he asked her for a divorce as he determined she was cheating. What did he see in the picture?"

First and foremost, the story seems a little suspect in the fact that fairly few married couples share a twin bed. The girl doesn't look quite old enough to be married. Why would her husband leave for vacation on his own for three weeks? Oh, the questions...

Once again, the question of whether or not this story is an accurate representation of the photo may leave you wondering, just play along and see if you can guess why the alleged 'husband' wanted to divorce his alleged 'wife' after looking at this picture.

Can you see it? Once you finally do see it, don't say anything, just share with your friends and see if they can spot what's going on.